Warning this blog contains some strong language and views that I’m not afraid to get on my soapbox about 😉 ….

You know what really gets on my nerves …

People trying to sell you things you don’t need.

There are some incredibly talented people in my industry but there are also some ‘mad men’ or women out there who have a lot more ego than talent.

You know the type – they display the jazz hands in meetings, think it’s still cool to be quirky, talk in marketing jargon and send out spammy horrible sales messages telling you what you have to do or have next, to be successful.

Well what a load of ****.

It seems like everyone on my sponsored Facebook feed now claims to be a marketing expert, with the latest and greatest solution that will help you within 7 days reach a 6 figure business turnover.

Most of the time, these people try to sell you something that they know how to use or sell, rather than what you actually need.

Well let’s cut the cr@p.

I’ve turned down clients or sent them to a ‘competitor’ when I know I can’t serve them.

Does that mean I am too nice? Or not commercially ‘on it?’.

Does it hell.

It means I care more about the long-term relationship than I do the short-term sell for something I know won’t help at the stage of business they are currently in.

Every business I work with, I treat as if it’s my own, because I have been there and done it with staff, overheads and cash flow to consider.

After working with a whole mix of companies from big global players through to your one man bands with a very small budget, it’s all about using what you have at the time to your maximum advantage.

A small budget doesn’t have to mean small impact.

As a business owner you should research and do what is right for your industry and for what you are going to build. Your goals are unique and you should be treated that way.

There isn’t a one type fits all strategy, an off the shelf solution or a certain package that is right for everyone – we are all human at the end of the day so let’s start treating each other that way.

Success doesn’t always mean building the next massive brand, it could mean having the flexibility to spend time with your family and actually enjoy what you do.

So when you’re dealing with a web company, marketing expert or social media bod that seems to know it all, remember that you know your business best and you should be informed of all the information before you start to invest.

Be clever and informed when you make decisions that are likely to have a massive impact on your business.