Strategic Marketing for Ambitious Entrepreneurs & their teams

When you work with me, you are not just another number added to a project list. I will listen and quickly grasp exactly what you want to achieve and the fastest way we can do this for you.

Working with global brands, ambitious starts-ups and incredible entrepreneurs that want to make their dreams a reality (and many have) I have a long list of marketing skills that you can use once we start working together.

My most popular services are listed below, but if you can’t find what you need then please send me an email and we can start a conversation.

Flexible Marketing Support

Sometimes all you need is a short burst of time with a knowledgeable professional which won’t break the bank, but will save you a fortune in making wrong decisions in the long-run.

We can do this through pay-as-you go flexible support where you can book an hour online bouncing through marketing ideas, or we can work together for half day sessions to plan your marketing strategy.

Flexible support is perfect if you have a marketing challenge that you need help with to move forward. The most popular topics for these sessions are help with marketing strategy and plans, how to get the most out of your website and content support with your social media platforms. 

One-off sessions are concise and compact. They have transformed clients websites and created award-winning applications by just thinking outside the box and using clever marketing ideas that can make a greater impact.

To book your flexible marketing support session please send me an email detailing your challenge and we can arrange a suitable time & date to resolve it.

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Business Mentoring

Would you like to gain the skills and knowledge that I have used to successfully grow over 500 businesses?

Business mentoring sessions are perfect for entrepreneurs and their teams to grow their in-house skills and learn how to market their business more effectively.

They work exceptionally well if you are a business leader feeling stuck in a rut and need new marketing ideas to grow or have a team member that you would like to learn the skills to attract more clients.

In mentoring sessions we work together on a monthly basis to help focus all marketing efforts on the right marketing channels that will give the biggest reward. We use this time to prioritise your needs, focus on the training that you would like your business to have and set targets for the next month so we can make sure you are constantly hitting your goals.

If you would like to discuss how you want to take your business to the next level please click below.

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Group Training

Do you or your team need training on a specific marketing discipline or platform?

I love transferring my 15 years of marketing experience over to an enthusiastic audience and seeing them take away new skills that they can start using instantly. Bringing in some of the very best experts in our field, we organise educational, inspiring and collaborative sessions that get you thinking on your feet and excited to take the next steps forward.

Sessions can be made bespoke for every business and cover a range of topics from LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram, to Company Values, Marketing Strategy and Planning.

If you would like to find out more about the next event, or would like to talk more about training for you or a team member, please email me below.

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