Help my website isn’t working…

You have just spent a fortune on a new website and your friends and colleagues think it looks great. Every bit of information is on there about your company, your story, your services, and your recent projects. All of it is there ready for customers to come flocking in, but there doesn’t seem to [...]

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What type of marketing support do I need?

This blog is not to blow my own trumpet and tell you that I am the perfect Marketing Consultant for you. No single person can ever confess to being the perfect fit and I don’t try to be everyone’s cup of tea  - but I do feel the need to help people understand what skills to [...]

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What the marketing experts don’t tell you

Warning this blog contains some strong language and views that I'm not afraid to get on my soapbox about ;-) .... You know what really gets on my nerves … People trying to sell you things you don't need. There are some incredibly talented people in my industry but there are also some ‘mad [...]

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