What type of marketing support do I need?

This blog is not to blow my own trumpet and tell you that I am the perfect Marketing Consultant for you. No single person can ever confess to being the perfect fit and I don’t try to be everyone’s cup of tea  - but I do feel the need to help people understand what skills to [...]

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What the marketing experts don’t tell you

Warning this blog contains some strong language and views that I'm not afraid to get on my soapbox about ;-) .... You know what really gets on my nerves … People trying to sell you things you don't need. There are some incredibly talented people in my industry but there are also some ‘mad [...]

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New Mum, New Business, New Goals.

In the last 18 months I’ve got married, brought up a little human, began large renovations on an old run down house, re-launched my consultancy business, started a training company and invested in an online course to advance my digital skills. Quite a few people have asked me how on earth I have done [...]

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Is now the right time to start a business?

In 2012 I hit rock bottom. I was working in the corporate world, travelling up and down the motorway everyday, getting in after 7pm each night and had absolutely no life outside of work. It’s fair to say that I was one of the ‘rat racers’ thinking I had hit the big time as [...]

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